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Re: [SOGo] Button to expand LDAP groups in mail editor is not shown

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  • From: "Francis Lachapelle" ( ) < >
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  • Subject: Re: [SOGo] Button to expand LDAP groups in mail editor is not shown
  • Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 08:44:43 -0500
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Hi Lars

When the parameter SOGoLDAPGroupExpansionEnabled is set to YES in sogo.conf, a new button should appear to expand groups in the mail editor and attendees editor:


On Jan 17, 2020, at 7:54 AM, Lars Liedtke ( ) < > wrote:

Hello Christian,

did I misinterpret this "mail(js): new button to expand recipients that
are LDAP groups" in then?

Best regards


Am 17.01.20 um 13:49 schrieb Christian Mack
( ):

AFAIK: Those buttons only exist for attendees and privileges, not for
Emails will be sent to the group email address, which are resolved
into recipients by the SMTP and/or IMAP server.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

Am 17.01.20 um 11:04 schrieb Lars Liedtke ( ):
Hello all,

I saw that with SOGo 4.2.0 a button has been added to expand LDAP groups
in the mail editor.

But I seem to be unable to meet the requirements to get the button
enabled. In the calendar the groups are expanded. So There the
requirements are met. Which Fields have to set (and how) in the LDAP (AD
in my case) so that this very useful functionality can be activated?

An example of our groups (redacted with privacy things, e.g. the group
has more members than me):

version: 1

dn: CN=Team-mOps,OU=Mitarbeiter,DC=intern,DC=punkt,DC=de
objectClass: group
objectClass: top
groupType: -2147483646
instanceType: 4
cn: Team-mOps
distinguishedName: CN=Team-mOps,OU=Mitarbeiter,DC=intern,DC=punkt,DC=de
dSCorePropagationData: 20101124131241.0Z
dSCorePropagationData: 16010101000001.0Z
member: CN=Lars Liedtke,OU=Mitarbeiter,DC=intern,DC=punkt,DC=de
name: Team-mOps
sAMAccountName: Technik
sAMAccountType: 268435456
uSNChanged: 11268255
uSNCreated: 8391

Best Regards


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